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Zooming in on Pluto

BALTIMORE CITY: A Nasa probe is to start photographing the icy world of Pluto, to prepare itself for a historic encounter in July.

The New Horizons spacecraft has travelled five billion km over nine years to get near the dwarf planet.

And with 200 million km still to go, its images of P...ReadMore

Egypt rocked by deadly rioting

CAIRO: Anti-government protesters fought street battles with police in Cairo and other cities yesterday marking the fourth anniversary of the country's 2011 uprising, as clashes left at least 15 people dead and dozens injured.

New era of trust

NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke the deadlock on a long-stalled nuclear pact yesterday as they hailed a new era of friendship between the world's two largest democracies.

Greece's anti-bailout Syriza wins polls

ATHENS: The anti-bailout Syriza party won a clear victory in austerity-weary Greece's national elections yesterday, according to projections by state-run TV's exit poll, in a historic first for a radical left-wing party in the country.

WHO 'caught napping on Ebola tragedy'

Geneva: The World Health Organisation's chief yesterday admitted the UN agency had been caught napping on Ebola, saying it should serve a lesson to avoid similar mistakes in future.

Knife-wielding man shot dead

The HAGUE: Dutch police yesterday shot dead a knife-wielding man who tried to stab pedestrians outside an art museum in the northern city of Groningen.

Power vacuum continues in Yemen after resignations

Sana'a: Yemen's parliament yesterday failed to discuss the president's resignation, extending a dangerous power vacuum, as US President Barack Obama vowed to still pursue Al Qaeda in the country despite the crisis.


JAKARTA: The second attempt to lift the fuselage of the crashed AirAsia jetliner failed yesterday as the wreckage sank back to the ocean floor when a rope linking the lifting balloons broke.

Boko Haram captures new town

ABUJA: Boko Haram fighters yesterday overran a strategic town in northeastern Nigeria and seized a military base, as Secretary of State John Kerry pledged further US support against the militants.

Leaders pay respects

RIYADH: More foreign leaders flocked to Saudi Arabia paying their respects to King Salman yesterday, as the normally gridlocked streets of Riyadh turned quiet on a day of mourning for his predecessor Abdullah.

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