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Saving our planet

IN Bahrain people use the modest way of advertising, pamphlets. These pamphlets are hardly read by anyone and many are in the habit of ignoring them. Some still lie on streets and roads. This causes land pollution, which later leads to more serious problems. It would be wiser if we prevent this at an e...ReadMore

What you can give?

I read the advertisement asking to donate for migrant workers or housemaids who may have been abused by their employers or perhaps face hard times in Bahrain. I am wondering if it is really beneficial or enough that we are giving.

Help the disabled

I refer to the report 'Schools push for disabled' (GDN, April 12), thanks to the honourable minister. Even though the ministry is circulating information to help disabled children, many schools are not coming forward by giving additional support. This would increase schools and teachers' responsibility and due to this reason when parents contact schools they get many excuses from authorities. Parents are worried due to the negative reply from them.

Lesson about life

Yesterday I had my first swimming lesson in almost 20 years. I must say - I am quite proud to admit that I am a 26-year-old adult and I was able to take the decision to start to relearn how to swim. It all happened so fast. The other day I was sitting with my friend and he asked what I do as a hobby. My response was simple, explaining that I like to read and write. I received other suggestions from him, such as exploring the outdoors as well as a recommendation to work towards my diving licence. My response was rather simple again: I can't learn to dive because I am a weak swimmer. This is why I decided I needed to learn how to swim.

F1 holiday?

Bahrain is the first country to host F1 in the Gulf. However, the race day happens to be a Sunday for the world to witness but is unfortunately a working day for the host nation.

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