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$100m plan to combat Ebola

GENEVA: The World Health Organisation (WHO) is launching a $100 million response plan to combat an "unprecedented" outbreak of Ebola in West Africa that has killed 729 people out of 1,323 infected since February, the agency said yesterday.

WHO director-general Margaret Chan will meet the presid...ReadMore

UN alarm over refugee crisis

UNITED NATIONS: As Israel warns more Gaza neighbourhoods to evacuate, a top UN envoy told the Security Council yesterday that Israel would be required under international law to take responsibility for helping Palestinian civilians in any further large-scale displacements.

Rescuers race against time

MUMBAI: Rescuers in India waded waist-deep through swirling sludge to dig their way into dozens of submerged homes yesterday and find more than 100 people swallowed up by a landslide that flattened almost an entire village.

Ceasefire for 72 hours to begin today

GAZA CITY: In a statement released in New Delhi where Secretary of State John Kerry is travelling, the US and UN said they had received assurances that all parties to the conflict in Gaza had agreed to an unconditional ceasefire during which there would be negotiations on a more durable truce in the three-week-old fighting.

Abbas campaigns to press war crime charges

GAZA CITY: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is seeking written pledges of support from all political factions, including rival Hamas, before making any attempt to press for possible war crimes charges against Israel.

'Miracle baby' dies due to power cuts

GAZA CITY: A premature baby rescued by Gaza doctors from her dead mother's womb last week has died due to complications and power cuts affecting the intensive care unit where she was treated.

Investigators reach jet crash site

KIEV: International investigators got their first look yesterday at the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, finally reaching the site two weeks after a missile brought down the plane.

21 drown in rough seas off Karachi

KARACHI: At least 21 bathers have drowned in rough seas off Pakistan's biggest city Karachi, officials said yesterday, after defying a ban on swimming during the monsoon season.

Militias go on killing spree in Iraq

Baghdad: Government-backed militias have been kidnapping and killing Sunni civilians throughout Iraq's Baghdad, Diyala and Hilla provinces over the past five months, Human Rights Watch said.

Libya rebels declare control of Benghazi

BENGHAZI: Hardline militias claimed to have taken control of Libya's second largest city, Benghazi, after defeating army units, taking over military barracks and seizing tanks, rockets and hundreds of boxes of ammunition, as fighting in the capital prompted a wave of evacuations yesterday by foreign nationals, diplomats and Libyans.

'Cloudburst' panic in Mumbai

MUMBAI: Mumbai panicked yesterday with the rumour of a cloudburst red alert circulating on social networking sites.

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