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Big fines for red light jumpers a good start

It was gratifying to read that driving is going to be more controlled in Bahrain with fines to be imposed on those jumping red lights.

I hope this new law will also include more police control on dangerous parking. In Manama drivers jump out of their cars on the main road to pop into the bank,...ReadMore

Telecoms rip-off?

If you have never requested, required, or signed a contract to receive data or endless commercial text messages on your mobile, all of which you are currently paying for at a seriously exorbitant rate, (BD7.500/megabyte) then simply don't - and reclaim all charges to date. The telecom companies who by default force this stuff upon us as 'automatic' and claim that we have 'no choice' have made billions this way, yet in the eyes of any credible law in 'most countries' if challenged, will be considered fraud.

Massive response

I was born and bred in Bahrain, at present residing in Isa Town. Moreover, I studied in Bahrain from primary level up until my tertiary education. Nevertheless, I have an insight with regard to the outside world.

Calling all cooks

I am searching for a Westinghouse Slow Cooker and cannot find one in Bahrain - help please.

Les bad chiens

Read in the GDN recently that the Sarkozys' labradors Clara and Dumbledor chewed Napolean's chair in The ƒlysŽe Palace. That's what dogs (labradors) do. I'm on labrador 5 and 6. Lab 2 chewed (like a beaver) the leg of our Habitat dining table when we lived in a furnished villa in Adliya. Lab 4 chewed the seats of all my dining chairs - but that was a bonus, because I never liked the original fabric. Fay Hepworth

Decency is appreciated

The Netherlands needs to be thanked for according due respect to the mortal remains of the victims of the Ukraine air disaster. There was much procrastination and prevarication on returning the bodies of the victims. The military honour accorded to the victims on return to Netherlands, with the king, the queen and the prime minister of the country present at the airport, bestowed dignity to the innocent victims.

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